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1-What do you think about the actual reggae/dancehall sound in Jamaica?  And the urban reggae/dancehall sound in Africa? What changes you see in the actual music about the digital media and the liberation of tracks via internet? What do you think about SoundCloud, Ustream and other free media devices? What do you think about Megaupload and S.O.P.A / P.I.P.A.?

The reggae dancehall sound in Jamaica tends to loose the authentic sound at times, while in Africa they more keep it in its original “roots” form.

The digital media has its good and bad. It’s a good promoting tool and it opens new doors quicker, however if you are into record sales, it will affect your sales because the material is there for free download. This is not to say that a true music collector will not purchase. All these social networks are excellent promoting tools used by everyone no matter the genre of music.


2-Can you tell us about your great song and video Come Over (Missing You)? How began the connection with MAVADO and BOUNTY KILLER? How began the story about the connection with VP RECORDS?

Come Over is a song of real experience. Everybody has someone that they miss at some point in their life. Concept of the video was to forget about the star, and let the public see a real side of Busy Signal, showing the rural “country” side of Jamaica.

Bounty Killa is one of my favouriteartiste, he is also one of the people that gave me the opportunity to do music. Bounty is always helping the youths that have talent and want to try at this music thing. That is how I met Mavado, he is one of the youths that, Bounty was helping and that’s how the connection started. Each One helps the other.

As you know VP is one of the few major Reggae record labels, and I am thankful to be one of the few artiste that VP believed in and gave me a opportunity to be apart of the label. We have done 2 albums with them so far and this new one “Reggae Music Again” is the third.


3-What do you remember about touring in Europe? What do you think about the connection with Latinamerica?

The most memorable thing about touring in Europe is to see how wide scale the music is, and English is not a lot of these people first language but they sing my songs word for word from beginning to end. Reggae artiste should be thankful for places like these because it’sa large outlet for the music.

The connection with our music and latin America comes from Africa. We are connected musically by the drumming.


4-Can you tell us about your new fantastic album REGGAE MUSIC AGAIN? What do you think about the original reggae sounds and the actuallity of the rithm worldwide?

Reggae Music Again… I see it as making a bold statementto embrace our rich musical heritage that a lot of people sometimes turn their backs on. The truth is Reggae Music lives on forever unlike dancehall that comes and goes. It’s also an effort to widen my fanbase and put more life on my career.


5-What are your inspirations in the beginning of this 2012?  What artists and producers do you like? Maybe a 2012 tour in Argentina?

My biggest inspiration comes from God, and being a part of this society and looking at everyday living. There is so much to talk about good and bad.

Argentina is a country that I would really love to visit and I am waiting on the first opportunity to present itself, I would definitely not turn it down.


6-Can you write any words of free speach to our fans around the world?

First I want to say thanks to my fans for the support over the years and the opportunity to experiment musically, also the acceptance of it.Keep supporting Reggae Music.





Bounty Killer / Mavado / Busy Signal / Bling Dawg   Busy Signal & Beenie Man






Thanks to: Busy Signal / Pansy Dixon / Juke Boxx Productions / Alvin Risk


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